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Library Digital Collections

Download audiobooks and ebooks with Bridges. Also, we have added a collection of downloadable audiobooks through Record Books One Click Digital platform. We also have a digital magazine collection available for download through Zinio and have just added a new ebook collection through Biblioboard.
Recorded Books
Through the teamwork of the Sioux County Libraries we are able to offer access to the Downloadable Audiobooks database made available through Recorded Books. This adds over 3000 new titles for our library users to choose from.
What was once WILBOR is now Bridges. All of your Wilbor information, checkouts, holds, etc. are still the same. The state has taken the two consortium's in the state (Wilbor & Neighbors) and combined them into one site for the whole state.
Zinio is a database of downloadable magazines. We were able to join an existing group of Iowa libraries who offer Zinio to their communities in order to bring a wide variety of downloadable magazines to our community. This cooperation allows each of these libraries, and now us, to offer a larger variety of magazines to our communities than we would be able to do on our own.
Biblioboard is a new ebook platform that the library is excited to now offer our patrons! The collection of ebooks in Biblioboard are available only to Hull Public Library patrons and there are no wait times or checkout lengths! If you like ebooks and being able to take your books anywhere you go give Biblioboard a try!