A project which had a slow beginning has developed into a valuable asset for our community.  The Library Association was organized in August 1954.  The board members were Mr. Lucas J De Koster, Mr Leonard Haan, Mrs Doores Waanders, Mr George De Vries, Mrs KM Giese and Mrs Gerald Brunsting.  The library was not in operation until 1957.  It began with books donated by interested people of the community.  In 1959, 220 books were on the shelves with an average circulation of 415 books per month.  This  soon increased to 750 books with an average circulation of 1700 books per month.  The circulation from July 2006-June 2007 was 72,258 books. Material added during this time was 2,176 books.  In 1959 the library was open six and on half hours per week and now it serves the area in 2007 for about 140 hours per week.  In addition to the books available, the Library also offers a selection of one hundred magazines, ten newspapers, along with videos and DVD's.

The library was first remodeled in 1996 and a new library was built in 2006.  Our collection of books in July 2015 was 26,126.

We also have a story hour for toddlers, 3, 4 & 5 year old's.  We have a children's book club where a child can donate a book to the library on their birthday.  We also have a summer reading program each year.

The library performs a valuable service to our community and we are proud to have these facilities.  The room and utilities are provided by the local government.  The county provides a substantial amount through a tax levy on the townships of Sioux county.