Long Range Planning For The Hull Public Library


Hull Public Library Plan for 2019-2022


Mission Statement

Residents of Hull will enjoy up-to-date library collections, high-interest programs, and other library services that the Hull Library provides. The Hull Library strives to be an information hub and community center that serves its community and its patrons to the fullest extent possible.


Strategic Goals

I.                   Residents of Hull will enjoy an up-to-date collection of popular books, movies, magazines, and other materials to be used for recreational and educational pursuits.


A.    Continue to build and expand our Young Adult Collection

1.      Beginning in January of 2019 the library will add one young adult title each month to its current collection of audiobooks.

B.     Continue to develop and expand our children’s materials collection

C.     Continue to maintain and expand our collection of movies and television shows.

D.    Continuing in January 2019 the library will add at least two eBooks in their Overdrive Advantage collection each month.

E.     Continuing in January 2019, the library will add three bilingual books to its collection each month.

1.      In 2019-2021, one book per month will be added to the adult bilingual collection and two books will be added to the children’s bilingual collection.

F.      In the months of June 2019 and January 2020 the library will purchase 15 additional large print books to add to the library’s current collection, in addition to our current subscription titles.

G.    In the years 2019-2020, the Hull Library will add two new audiobooks to the current library collection of audio materials each month.


II.                Community members of Hull will come to the library for high-interest programs.


A.    By 2020 the library will offer at least two young adult programs per year and will add one more young adult program in the year 2021.

B.     Starting in the year 2019 the library will average one adult program per month in addition to normal, regularly scheduled programs.

C.     Expand those programs already offered to children and develop new programs

D.    In 2019-2021 the library will offer at least one instructional course relating to the library’s newspaper database each year, and one course related to eBooks and other downloadable content each year.

E.     Continuing in 2019, the Hull Library will offer programs at different times to ensure their availability to all members of the community.


III.             Community members of all ages will have a greater awareness of library services and programs.


A.    Promote the library through new technologies

1.      Starting in 2019 the library will investigate and potentially implement new social media technologies and resources to promote relevant library announcements and information.

B.     Use promotions to market new and/or old library services

C.     Create new and inventive ways to keep library interest high and ongoing


IV.             Maintain and improve the library building


A.    Add or replace library furniture as needed or desired

B.     Utilize space in the library to promote current collections/resources and add new collections.

C.     Investigate improved security features, including security cameras, and implement those deemed necessary.


V.                Community members will use the library as a community center


A.    Actively promote events that benefit community

B.     Actively promote library’s meeting spaces

C.     Utilize all of the library’s features, including outside area

D.    Promote community displays

E.     Collaborate with other community entities about events, programs, and services




Plan adopted on 12/14/2011

Plan Updated on 11/12/2014

Plan Updated on 01/16/2019